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Enclave Scavenger Hunt Stop

Celebrate Lit is excited to partner with Enclave Publishing to feature 13 of their authors in a fun scavenger hunt. Stop by each of the blog stops to check out the author interview and to collect the word of the day to enter for extra entries into our giveaway.  On day 12, put all the words together into a sentence to enter into the giveaway for additional entries.

Most of all have fun learning about new authors and their books!

Featured Book: The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

Susan Mitchell thought she was an ordinary homemaker.

She was wrong.

Pulled through a portal into another world, she finds a nation grappling for its soul and waiting
for a promised Restorer to save their people.

Susan has always longed to do something great for God, but can she fill this role?

She struggles to adapt to a foreign culture. Tackles an enemy that is poisoning the minds of the
people. Uncovers a corrupt ruling Council. And learns that God can use even her floundering
attempts at service in surprising ways.

Grab your copy HERE

About the Author

Award-winning author Sharon Hinck writes “stories for the hero in all of us,” about ordinary
women on extraordinary faith journeys. Known for their authenticity, emotional range, and
spiritual depth, her novels include humorous contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, and the
ground-breaking Sword of Lyric fantasy series. She has been honored with a Christy finalist
medal, and three Carol awards for her novels.

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Q & A With Jen Turano & Giveaway!

About the Book

To save her family from financial ruin, Miss Poppy Garrison accepts an unusual proposition to participate in the New York social season in exchange for her grandmother settling a family loan that has unexpectedly come due. Ill-equipped to handle the intricacies of mingling within the New York Four Hundred, Poppy becomes embroiled in one hilarious fiasco after another, doomed to suffer a grand societal failure instead of being deemed the diamond of the first water her grandmother longs for her to become.

Reginald Blackburn, second son of a duke, has been forced to travel to America to help his cousin, Charles Wynn, Earl of Lonsdale, find an American heiress to wed in order to shore up his family estate that is in desperate need of funds. Reginald himself has no interest in finding an heiress to marry, but when Poppy's grandmother asks him to give etiquette lessons to Poppy, he swiftly discovers he may be in for much more than he bargained for.

Get your copy HERE

My Review

Let me just say, our author's books just keep getting better and better! Poppy was such a heroine- formidable, clumsy, beautiful, and totally relatable. Reginald seems cool and distant at first, but we quickly find out he has a heart under all that etiquette. The historical detail truly transported me to the time and place described, and boy did I get a real mental picture. The plot was steady placed with twists and turns and a slow blossoming romance that truly delights. I love how the author always reminds us that true loves knows no obstacles, and that everyone is perfect just the way they are. In a time when individuality was truly repressed in young ladies, Poppy brings us the heroine we all wish was a BFF. Let's not forget the many foibles our heroine finds herself in including getting her tiara caught in her dancing partner's sleeve! Lol Overall, this book is relatable, richly historical, and a beautiful blossoming romance all in one package. Bravo, Jen!

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own.

Author Q & A

1. Is Poppy based off of any aspects of your own personality or someone else? If so, how? 

I think all of my characters have a bit of me in them somewhere, and Poppy is no exception. She’s notorious for getting herself into the most unusual of situations, something that happens to me on a weekly basis. When the story opens, she’s managed to get her tiara stuck to the sleeve of her dance partner, and while that hasn’t happened to me, I did get my hair stuck in a loom I was using when I took this weaving class in college – a situation that left me parted from a great deal of my hair.   

2. Everyone knows you are famous for humor in your books. What inspires the foibles our character manages to find herself in for Diamond in the Rough?

I have a wide assortment of friends, and over the years, all of those friends have managed to land themselves into some rather amusing predicaments. I have to admit I use their antics for inspiration, but I always change the names because my assortment of friends would certainly dwindle if any of them realized they were inspiration behind some of my more outlandish scenes.   

3. We know you give such rich historical detail in your historical fictions. What history highlights can we expect in Diamond in the Rough?
Readers will find themselves in Delmonico’s – an establishment that hosted many Gilded Age events. Central Park is another setting I used in this story, and I delved a bit into what was expected with late morning calling hours. That was an event that included so many rules that I actually had to make a chart in order to understand all the intricacies that went into paying a lady a call. Fascinating tidbits there, let me tell you, and ones I wouldn’t have been very good at following.  

4. Do we see any characters from your previous books make another appearance in Diamond in the Rough?

Miss Beatrix Waterbury appears throughout the story. She’s in all three books, and will then have her story told in book three, “Storing Up Trouble.” Readers will also find a character from another series show up, but you’ll have to read the book to discover who that is 😊   

5. What did you enjoy most about writing the romance between the hero and heroine?

Poppy and Reginald are very different from each other, so it’s always enjoyable to write a story where opposites meet.   

6. Which secondary character is your favorite and why?

Mr. Murray Middleton is one of my very favorite secondary characters. He was only meant to have a very small part in the first chapter, but from the moment I started writing him on the page, he took on a life of his own, and I’m delighted he did because he’s hilarious.   

7. Did any of your characters not cooperate with you?

Reginald, the hero, did not behave at first. I thought he was going to be rather unlikable in the beginning, far too snobbish and set in his ways. However, he apparently didn’t like how I was writing him and simply stopped cooperating. When that happens, it’s like trying to write through mud. We finally came to terms, though, and while he certainly still has a touch of snobbishness, he’s more charming than I first intended him to be, something I do believe he was right about all the time, and right to balk when I tried to write him differently.   

8. What do you like most about Diamond in the Rough overall?

I think it’s one of my most madcap stories yet, and I do so love a madcap story.  

Thanks so much, Katie. Always a pleasure chatting with you!

All the best,


About the Author

Named One of the Funniest Voices in Inspirational Romance by Booklist, Jen Turano is a USA Today Best-Selling Author, known for penning quirky historical romances set in the Gilded Age. Her books have earned Publisher Weekly and Booklist starred reviews, top picks from Romantic Times, and praise from Library Journal. She’s been a finalist twice for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards and had two of her books listed in the top 100 romances of the past decade from Booklist. When she’s not writing, she spends her time outside of Denver, CO. She can be found on Facebook at or visit her on the web at She is represented by the Natasha Kern Literary Agency.


Jen is graciously offering a signed copy of Diamond in the Rough for one lucky winner! Click the link below to enter! Just entering gets you one entry, but there are bonus entries as well! Good luck! :)

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Teaching Art by Jerry E. Twitchell

About the Book

Book: Teaching Art
Author: Jerry E. Twitchell
Genre: Nonfiction  EDUCATION/Teaching Methods & Materials/Arts & Humanities
Release Date: February 20, 2019

As Simple as 1-2-3 Everything needed to structure and teach an effective art program for grades one to three is made simple for the home-school parent or teacher.

This step-by-step process for teaching art is perfect for home-school teachers or parents with limited art skills or time to create their own programs. This system of insight, responses to judgments, ideas, and feelings aligns with public school and state visual arts requirements.

Teaching Art in the Primary Grades is designed to foster lifelong interest in the arts, provide a gauge of what can be expected of children at various ages and grade levels, and present a baseline for measuring growth and skill.

Lesson plans with goals, objects, time frames, techniques, steps, illustrated examples, and assessment of growth are included.

Click HERE to get your copy.  

My Review

So, I do believe art is important for all children to find enjoyment in in one way or another, and I think this book helped us to see the connections that can be made to life as a result of being intentional in education with art. The goals for each age group and developmental milestones were clear and the assessments to see if those goals were met were clearly stated as well. Each lesson gave a recommended time frame, materials needed, and a clear drawn out picture of how to complete the project. Although the amount of time and some of the educational terminology used may be a little intimidating for the homeschool parent, I thought for the school teacher, it gives a great guide for a clearly thought out lesson plan. I feel that the projects give a good general overall idea for intentional art even if some of the methods or timing need to be tweaked a bit to make it more practical at home. I think this book would be a valuable resource to the art school teacher or the homeschool parent looking to make art a really intentional time of learning especially if you have a child really interested in art.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

Jerry E. Twitchell, DEd, is a retired educational administrator and art and history instructor. With over thirty years of experience as a teacher and principal, Jerry has nurtured primary through secondary students to experience the excitement of art. In his work with parents, teachers, and especially children, he has sought to bring to life a love and passion for art.  

More from Jerry

Ever since I was young, I have always loved art.  It was only natural for me to be teaching and sharing the love of art to young people. Over the years, a number of parents, students and fellow teachers and administrators suggested that I should write a book about teaching art, particularly to the emerging beginning artist.  This would hopefully help them gain confidence in themselves in return would flow into their reading and writing subjects. After retiring, pondering and headaches, I started putting it together and throwing around ideas to myself on what should be included and “Wala”… it is.

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To celebrate his tour, Jerry is giving away Gift basket with Basic art Supplies, Stack Card and a Athabascan People of The North coloring book!!
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Forever, Lately by Linore Rose Burkard

About the Book

Book: Forever, Lately
Author: Linore Rose Burkard
Genre: Time-Travel Romance
Release Date: October, 2019

Julian St. John needs a wife–and fast. An oath to his deceased guardian must be kept. Miss Clarissa Andrews, a vexatious beauty, has dangled after him all season but he has no intention of choosing such a she-devil.

Maine, present day
Author Claire Channing needs to write a bestselling book to salvage a failing career. She moves to her grandmother’s rustic cottage, but without the deed, the clock is ticking on how long she can stay. She thinks she’s writing St. John’s story, until an old prayer shawl with embroidered lovebirds transports her to his Regency world! She falls in love with him–a man she thought she created. But a jealous Miss Andrews would rather see Julian dead than in another woman’s arms!

Claire and St. John must beat the clock to prevent a deadly tragedy, but can love endure past the limits of time?

Click HERE to get your copy!

My Review

Let my just say, I absolutely loved, loved, loved this whole concept of a time travel romance- and what a better era than the regency period!! I don't think there could have been a better match for a fiction than a regency/contemporary romance! The way the time travel was described truly transported you to our heroine's isolated cabin in the snow as well as the regency era ballroom and world. The clothing was one thing I really noticed was so beautifully described, and I found the prayer shawl to be such an interesting little tidbit to center the time travel around. I felt like there was a nice thread of faith, and very clearly described action and characters making the story truly clear in my mind. I really just swooned at this romance because although I found my life-long love in the present, I would so love to visit the regency era, or if I could convince my husband, transport us back to that time (maybe with some essentials like oreos and ibuprofen lol). I recommend this one for the historical fiction reader, contemporary romance reader, or those looking for a time travel novel that just depicts the experience perfectly. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

Linore Rose Burkard wrote a trilogy of genuine regency romances for the Christian market before there were any regencies for the Christian market. Published with Harvest House, her books opened the genre for the CBA. She also writes YA Suspense/Apocalyptic Fiction as L.R. Burkard. Married with five children, Linore home-schools her youngest daughter, teaches workshops for writers, and is the Vice President of the Dayton Christian Scribes. Her latest PULSE EFFEX SERIES, takes readers into a “chilling possible future for America, while affirming the power of faith in the darkest of times.”

More from Linore

I wanted to write a Regency time travel for years. When I saw the movie “Kate and Leopold” I thought, Oh no! Someone used my idea! But I needn’t have worried. Leopold (Hugh Jackman) was a Victorian gentleman, not a Regencian. Secondly, though I enjoyed the flick, I kept thinking it missed many opportunities for humor. (Having written a screenplay since then, I now realize why it missed so many: tight scripts just don’t have room for all the scenes that could be fun.) When I wrote my story, however, I was able to include a lot of the humor scenes that had been floating around in my head for eons. It’s one of the reasons the book is a lot of fun to read—particularly when the Regency hero appears in the present. On a side note, I started this book and then dropped it—for years—mostly because I wanted to write it as Christian romance like my other Regencies. But I kept running into roadblocks. And Christian publishers weren’t interested. Finally I realized I had to let God out of MY box and write the story he was giving me, not the one I thought he should give me. After that, it came together remarkably easily and quickly. And, I think, in a very fun way. I might even do a sequel.

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To celebrate her tour, Linore is giving away the grand prize of a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond!!
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Samson & Amish Delilah by Thomas Nye

About this Book

Book: Samson & Amish Delilah
Author: Thomas Nye
Genre: Christian Amish Fiction
Release Date: August 19, 2019

Everyone in America has fallen in love with Delilah, leading lady in a bestselling Amish novel. When media giants discover that Delilah is a real person, the pursuit is on. Dave joins the search not realizing that by finding her, he would fall into the story and become Samson. 

Click HERE to get your copy!

My Review

I can honestly say, from the title, I really had no idea what to expect from this book, as well as the fact our author is a man (I don't know of any others that do Amish fiction). What I enjoyed was the unexpectedness of the story line showing the world and the Amish ways truly coming in a head to head clash. I also enjoyed the unexpected and redemptive romance between our very English hero and very Amish heroine. I felt the plot provided a lot of unexpected twists and turns that kept you really guessing until the end, and the characters I felt developed and grew a lot through the story. I felt the dual timeline was understandable and woven together well, and the thread of faith was really relevant including young adult audiences. What I struggled with was the title oddly enough. The comparison just didn't work for me- like I understood it logically, but it just didn't fit for me as a reader and threw off my reading experience because when I think redemption, Samson and Delilah is the last comparison I would think of. I'm also not sure if it was meant for young adult audiences or just adult audiences- I think the content may be relevant to the young adult, but at the same vein, I'm not certain the book in entirety would be intriguing for young adult audiences, so I felt a little torn on that. Overall, I though the author made a bold move in an unexpected Amish fiction, and brought about a dual timeline with a nice thread of faith. I would recommend this one for those looking for an out of the box Amish fiction, possible a mature young adult audience.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

Thomas Nye writes novels about horses and Amish life, with a touch of romance, and a foundation of faith in Christ. He and his wife, Shari, live on her family farm where they raised five children. Their six grandchildren love to visit Karma and Karla, a team of draft horses which Thomas purchased from an Amish friend. Walking a mail route for the U.S. Postal Service keeps Thomas close to nature and affords him many quiet hours which he uses to dream up novels. Over three decades of friendships with Amish neighbors has revealed a simple wisdom that he weaves into his writing.  

More from Thomas

Most authors agree that during the course of writing a novel, the characters seem to come alive and emerge with personality traits we ourselves didn’t originally plan to give them. Not only did the lead characters of Samson and Delilah take on a life of their own, they also pulled the story in a direction I never planned to go. Samson and Amish Delilah is a book about a book. You will soon discover that the characters are reading along with you. They even try to guess the ending and have discussions about it. As I worked on the final few chapters, I could almost feel Samson and Delilah urging me forward, as though they needed me to write out solutions to the issues they were facing. I could almost hear them calling to me, “Please—finish this book—we want the world to hear our story.” Maybe all of this is just me projecting my feelings on them. LOL. Either way, I’ve gotten to know Samson and Delilah pretty well and I’m sure they would want you to smile, laugh, cry, and learn about the power of forgiveness along with them.

 Thomas Nye

 P.S. It so happens that I feel Samson and Delilah nudging me forward with a follow-up novel. Wink, wink.

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To celebrate his tour, Thomas is giving away a Thomas Nye Gift Box, which includes four books by Thomas Nye: Samson and Amish Delilah, Under the Heavens, Amish Park, and Plain Everyday Heroes!! Along with bookmarkers and an Amish designed coloring book!!
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Beautiful in His Sight by April W. Gardner


About the Book

Book: Beautiful In His Sight
Author: April W. Gardner
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: May 11, 2019

It’s 1917, and Halifax is at war. Silas Quinn, street sweeper and army reject, remains on the home front, shunning God and society as religiously as they shun him. But the night he stumbles across a half-frozen prostitute, his eyes blink open, and his greater purpose is born: preserve and protect.

There’d been a day when shop girl Helen Fraser was desperate enough to believe a few nights in a brothel would cure her troubles. By some miracle, Major Jack Gordon deemed her worth saving, but Helen knows her meticulously recreated identity cannot last. What she doesn’t expect is for its destruction to come about, not by an old john or one of the madam’s goons, but by a force great enough to flatten a city and bury her alive.

Set against the backdrop of the Halifax Explosion, Beautiful in His Sight is a Christian historical romance that explores unequivocal grace and identity in Christ.  

Click HERE to purchase your copy.

My Review

This book was so painful and so beautiful all at the same time. Completely surprised with a Canadian backdrop, and the Halifax Explosion, which I had never heard of, I settled in for a deep, emotional read. Both Silas and Helen were so real and relatable in the prison of their past and finding their identity alone in that. The romance and thread of faith was woven together just perfectly. This book is one you definitely want to take your time reading because there is just so much depth of feeling and language found within. The history was on point and yet the relevance of the topic of feeling less than worthy was so on point as well. The truth that finding your identity in Christ shows you the true natural beauty we all exude regardless of our past was just a beautiful one to watch our characters realize and own. I recommend this one for the historical fiction reader, inspirational reader, or those looking for a deep, emotional read. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

APRIL W GARDNER writes history with a Christian perspective and a little imagination. She is a copyeditor, military wife, and homeschooling mother of two who lives in Texas. She writes Christian historical romance with a focus on our Southeastern Native Tribes. In no particular order, April dreams of owning a horse, learning a third language, and visiting all the national parks. April loves to hear from her readers at:  

More from April

The Story Behind the Story

 My novels are never purely fiction. They are stories constructed around truth, around some segment of the past that’s both stunning and stunningly forgotten. My latest novel, Beautiful in His Sight, is set during the Halifax Explosion, a WW1 event little known in most of the world. For those in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in December of 1917, it literally shattered their world. That’s the setting we find my characters Silas and Helen struggling to survive, but—as in every good romance—love (and God’s grace!) brings them through.  

  The Story Behind the Setting

 By December 1917, Halifax had passed tens of thousands of soldiers and sailors through its railyard and onto the naval vessels in its harbor. With the military came the prostitutes who migrated in droves to the slums. It’s reported that some days, the only passengers disembarking from the trains were women in short skirts. Slumdom’s seams overflowed with carnality, public drunkenness, and solicitations. Prostitution wasn’t the only job to be had for women. With so many men wearing army green, ladies of the proper class and training stepped behind registers and bookkeeping desks and kept Halifax running. This is the world in which we find our female lead, Helen Fraser, a reformed prostitute desperately trying to start over as a salesclerk.  

  The Story Behind the Explosion

 As Silas, the story’s male lead, puts it, the explosion was “a tragic accident, a miscommunication between passing ships.” In short, it was a dozen small decisions that accumulated to one very horrific event. The collision and blast released the equivalent energy of 2.9 kilotons of TNT and instantly obliterated everything within a half-mile radius. The munitions vessel that exploded, the Mont Blanc, rained iron shrapnel all over Halifax. Its 1,160-ton anchor landed 2.5 miles away where it can still be found today. The numbers: Over 2,000 deaths. Over 1,000 injuries. Almost 300 blinded.  

  The Story Behind the Name

 The name Helen Fraser (female lead) is an honoring nod to Helen Clark, a courageous young woman who survived the explosion. This is her story. Helen Clark, age eight, was beginning her school day at St. Joseph’s when she felt something disturbing. “Like thunder was taking place alongside of you,” she later said, “instead of up in the sky.” She looked to the window and gaped at the glass bowing inward. She flung her arms over her face and ducked an instant before it blew in. Then, in her words, “The ceiling above gave way at one corner and down two sides of the room, hanging like the flap of a great envelope and spilling out children from the room above.” A nun grabbed her arm and said, “My heavenly God, the Germans have arrived! Get down on your knees girls.” In lieu of prayer, Helen wrenched away and jumped out the second-story window, narrowly missing the debris that, in the next moment, struck and killed the nun. A snow mound broke Helen’s fall. Suddenly very tired, she laid down right there, feeling no cold or pain, and went to sleep. Eventually, two men approached to see if she was dead. Though she couldn’t speak, she managed to get to her feet. They straightened the bow on the top of her head and told her to go home if she had one to go to. The blood crusted over her eyes limited her vision, but she shambled along best she could, recognizing nothing. She knew her street only by the change to cobblestones under her feet, and her grandmother recognized her only by the bow in her hair. Quick-thinking and bold, little Helen avoided both death and blindness, and I’m honored to name my heroine after her.

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To celebrate her tour, April is giving away a grand prize package of a $25 Starbucks gift card and a signed copy of her book!!
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