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Love & Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate

About the Book

Book: Love and Other Mistakes  
Author: Jessica Kate  
Genre: Romantic Comedy  
Release date: July 31, 2019  

There’s a fine line between love and hate . . . And for the last seven years, Natalie Groves has hated Jeremy Walters.

Natalie Groves was meant for great things. But soon after her fiancé left, Natalie’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly her grand plans evaporated . . . and God felt very far away. Fast-forward seven years, and an internship presents Natalie a chance at her destiny—but she needs a job to work around it. And the only offer available is worse than a life sentence. Her ex Jeremy, now back in town, is desperate for help with his infant son and troubled teenage niece, Lili. And Natalie may be just the one to help Jeremy . . . provided they don’t kill each other in the process. When Jeremy and Natalie join forces, sparks fly. But will either of them get burned along the way?

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My Review

Love and Other Mistakes was certainly unexpected, and I can honestly say that was both its' strength and weakness. Inside we find a deep, complex plot with multiple storylines going on that keep us really committed to read til the end. We have characters dealing with a cancer diagnosis, extramarital affairs, and we read from different character viewpoints from Natalie, Jeremy, and Lilli a troubled teen. We find a lot of characters that are relatable in that they are imperfect, and the emotion conveyed is really clear and well done. The situations we find inside can be uncomfortable at times, but I certainly feel that the author wrote about these tense situations in a realistic way without mincing words, which I tend to like. I am not a huge fan of books that focus solely on a romance, so I enjoyed that the book had so much more depth and complex challenges we had to face that people deal with on the daily. I felt the language used and the way our storylines blended together seamlessly showed true writing mastery. 

So, here is my caveat- this book is not a romantic comedy in my opinion which even the cover suggests. I didn't find myself laughing or happy for most of the book, more serious and concerned. I just feel that the cover, genre, and description don't really give us the true vibe of the book, and was just too tough for a romantic comedy so if you're looking for a hallmark movie/You've Got Mail vibe (one of my favorite all time rom coms!), this is about the opposite of that (in my opinion anyway). Some of the book seemed a little left to be desired in the conclusion as well. Rom Coms are supposed to have happy endings, and while there was a mostly happy ending, some of it just took away. Again, I like the author was realistic with her plot and those tense situations, but the book just lacked the faith element as well that I had hoped to see. While I am totally ok with the ending not being totally perfect for all involved, I just felt let down by the premise we were given in relation to what we find in the book.

Overall, I recommend this read for those looking for a deep, emotional read, which may be enjoyable to any type of fiction reader.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

Australian author Jessica Kate writes inspirational romances with wit, sass, and grit. Jessica is a screenwriting groupie, cohost of the StoryNerds vlog and podcasts, and her favorite place to be—apart from Mum and Dad’s back deck—is a theme park. She has traveled North America and Australia, and samples her favorite pasta wherever she goes—but the best (so far) is still the place around the corner from her corporate day job as a training developer. She loves watching sitcoms with her housemates and being a leader in a new church plant. Jessica Kate brings rom-com fans a reminder that love has its own timing in her breakout novel, Love and Other Mistakes. Kate is best known in the book world as the cohost of StoryNerds, a vlog and podcast about all things books and pop culture, recorded from her home city of Toowoomba, Australia. Now, she’s carving her own place in the Christian fiction arena and helping to fill the rom-com genre gap with a novel full wit, sass, and grit.

More from Jessica

A romance that makes me laugh and snort my strawberry milkshake across the keyboard when I sneak in chapter at work – that’s just the best. My loftiest career aspiration is to create that experience for someone else. There can never be enough of those books in the universe, especially novels that include deep faith and emotion, as well. I adore love-hate romantic comedies like The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, and I spend my days dreaming up plotlines that force characters who hate each other to work together as a team. But, Natalie’s journey came from a real place for me—that feeling you’re missing out on your purpose and you don’t know how to fix it. Read an excerpt at

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  2. Thank you for your review and participation in the blog tour! I would totally expect this to be more on the romantic/humorous side. That's how I've seen it toted all over. Plus, I watched Jessica's FB live video on release day and she is one funny gal.

    I'd still read it because I do like deeply emotional books and this may fit the bill for me. :-)

    1. Yes it really is well written so I think a lot of readers would enjoy it even if it’s not as humorous as I expected it to be :)