Thursday, September 12, 2019

August Hashtag Recap

Check out my YouTube channel where I provide fun hashtag recaps of all the books I review in a month, as well as book news and spotlight videos. Here's my latest below!

Looking for links to purchase?

Identity Theft by Alana Terry:

Cross My Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher:

Jessie and James by Jennifer Beckstrand:

Gators, Guts, and Glory by Lauralee Bliss:

Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate:

The David Years by Lillian Duncan:

Full Circle by Athena Dean Holtz:

Daughters of Northern Shores by Joanne Bischof:

The Story Raider by Lindsay A. Franklin:

The Book of Secrets by M.L. Little:

The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken:

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide by Linda Brooks Davis:

Meghan's Choice by Donna H.L. Smith:

Jewel's Gold by Caryl McAdoo:

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