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Bound to Be Free by Marta E. Greenman

About the Book

Book: Bound To Be Free
Author: Marta E. Greenman
Genre: Non-Fiction, spiritual growth, Christian studies
Release Date: June 12, 2015

Dr. Minirth, President of Minirth Clinic says, “Bound To Be Free is an exceptional book – Theologically correct, psychologically warm, physiologically health producing. I recommend it with enthusiasm. Christians around the globe need this book. Read it and be healed. This book is riveting, but more important, it is life transforming!”

Learn to live in FREEDOM. Free of the consequences of pain inflicted upon us, and pain inflicted by ourselves. God’s Word tells us true freedom is found in HIS word and presence. Christ’s desire is for believers to be transformed, not just saved.

Bound To Be Free leads believers step-by-step through God’s healing process and transformation. The study focuses heavily on scripture, as the only path to lasting restoration, and leads believers through the process of identifying and overcoming hindrances. This enables believers to achieve power in their daily Christian walk and show the transforming power of Christ in the church.

Our Father knows each person’s story. He knows how each one of us can overcome the pain and disappointment in our lives. While some numb the pain others walk through the fire, allowing The Refiner to mold us into the precious treasure He created us to be. Take a step in your journey to victory today

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My Review

I recently reviewed another Bible study by this author all around Acts and the early church and how that zeal can be applied to today. I equally enjoyed Bound to Be Free by this author as well. Disappointment and hurt are part of living a life in a fallen world among fallen people. Betrayal can happen too. No matter what your story is, this Bible study really helps find the healing we find in God and His Word alone. From the truth of the Scripture, and plenty of personal experiences, our author gives us 8 principles with 5 days of study each week. There is a lot of diving into Scripture, personal application, and is laid out in a way that is not overly intimidating. This book could easily serve as an individual or group study. While no one is minimizing the help of therapy, medicine, etc. when faced with certain traumas, illnesses, etc. the truth and hope found in the Lord shines through bright in a way that reminds us who our God truly is. While I can't vouch for every aspect of the author's theology, I can say overall this study is for the one or group that is hurting no matter their story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

For over twenty years, Marta has traveled extensively as a missionary, evangelist and Bible teacher sharing God’s message of truth and redemption. She is a teacher of teachers. She is host of Under God Radio Show and Co-host of Refining Friends. She is the author of three Bible studies, Bound to Be Free, Leaders, Nations, and God, and ACTs420NOW. Marta founded Words of Grace & Truth in 2011 whose mission is to teach God’s Word to the nations and teach others to do the same. She has been married for over twenty-five years to Marshall and they reside in the Dallas, Texas area.  

More from Marta

Are you tired of hurting? Do you want long term answers…not a band aid fix? Bound To Be Free will take you on a journey of understanding, self-contemplation, and questions to ask the Almighty! At the end of your journey you will realize how much God has healed your soul and how to handle hurts and  disappointments in the future.

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  1. This book sounds like a really good read.

  2. "Disappointment and hurt are part of living a life in a fallen world among fallen people."

    This is so true!

  3. Thank you so much for taking time to bring to our attention another great read.   I appreciate it and thank you also for the giveaway. 

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  5. Thank you for sharing your review of Bound To Be Free. This sounds like a wonderful read.