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Figs in Bloom by Bobi Gentry Goodwin



About the Book


Book: Figs in Bloom

Author: Bobi Gentry Goodwin

Genre: Bible Study Curriculum for Girls Small Group Leaders/Parents

Release Date: June, 2023

The Bible is rich with families, communities, songs, poems, principles, and power. It allows the reader to learn of God and His ultimate plan for His people through the coming of Jesus Christ. Stories of heroism, courage, perseverance, and pain fill its pages and are often displayed through the lives of Biblical characters.

The FIGS in Bloom Bible Study and Group Curriculum seeks to foster independence, growth, and spirituality in God’s precious girls by highlighting Bible personalities. FIGS is comprised of twelve lessons complete with Bible study, teacher tactics, scripture memorization, group games, journal writing prompts, and more. Biblical stories of hope, uniqueness, sacrifice, and love seek to encourage each student to blossom and take God with them as they learn to navigate the twists and turns of life.


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 I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions given are my own and not an endorsement of all author’s opinions.

Author Interview

1. Why did you want to become an author? 


Creativity is an incredible gift. It was something I was born with. I started writing stories in elementary school. While other kids were out playing I was writing. Sculpting worlds, people, and places from my imagination thrilled me and I simply could not stop. Professionally, I ended up in a different career as my desire to help people was equally as strong, but I don’t believe they contradict one another. As a therapist, I use my creativity and skills to help people see their stories, change their stories, and even sometimes re-write their stories. Everyone has a narrative, and it is my passion to see it come to life whether real or imagined. 


2. What was the most challenging part of the writing process for you and why? 


Finally ending a book is the absolute most challenging part of the writing process for me. I can re-write forever. Editing is never done. There is always more to the story. The finality of closing the computer, walking away, and resisting the urge to take one more peek is painstaking. I have found I have to set rules and firm boundaries with myself to survive each project. Placing projects in my absolutely done folder has saved me more times than I am willing to admit. The visual reminder helps me to stay accountable, but more times than not I have considered changing the passcode on my computer. Some hardstops are better than none. 



3. What did your research process look like for this book?


Studying the Word of God for me has a multi-prong approach. Spending time in the Bible and prayer is always the first step in my process of launching into a Bible study.  Secondly, I review other study materials on the chosen text or subject matter. I then return to Bible study, prayer, and meditation. Some of my steps also include consultation with other ministry leaders, reviewing commentaries, and researching historical facts, culture, and word studies. I also return to God throughout as I seek out His divine wisdom, direction, and guidance through the Holy Spirit as I navigate all those spaces. 


4. What audience did you have in mind when writing this book? 


This book is for a very specific audience. FIGS in Bloom is for the culture disruptor.  The parent or group leader who wants to pour into a generation of girls that don’t just look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too. The homeschooling parent, the life group leader, the community mom and dad who desires to do more, but would like a step-by-step practical resource to help them lead. 


FIGS was birthed for leaders who understand that the Word of God is the best thing you can gift to a child. The intended reader is a parent or group leader who has decided to tangibly pour into teenage girls to plant seeds of truth and connection. The adult who believes being social is talking face to face and meeting eye to eye. The teacher who believes that liking something or someone is experiential, not only digital. The adult who wants to make a difference and is willing to take that chance. 


5. Do you have a favorite drink or snack for when you’re writing? 


I had to answer this question. My true confession is that I am a foodie. Snack time is my time and a good cookie is worth its weight in gold. Oatmeal-raisin cookies stand heads above the rest for me and a bonus is that they are made with oats. 


Snacks are essential I’m writing and on a very good day, I find my favorite mug which is a leftover from Christmas, pour myself a cup of hot Earl Grey tea, and find the perfect bite of my cookie. 



About the Author

Bobi Gentry Goodwin is a native San Franciscan. The Bay Area was where she first discovered her love for people and their stories. She has held a passion for writing since early childhood and as a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, her mission field has been working with women and children. Bobi is a spiritual growth enthusiast that writes inspirational fiction, Bible Studies, and blog articles. She has been a contributing writer to Chicken Soup for the Soul and her story “Gentrified” was featured in the anthology Art in the Time of Unbearable Crisis. She is a wife, mother of two, licensed minister, and an avid member of her local church. She hosts the Finding Forever Podcast and in her free time enjoys dancing, walking, and spending time with her fur baby.


More from Bobi

Parenting a teenager is hard work! Finding ways to communicate with a teen can feel like finding a safe place to step into a field of landmines. One wrong word, one wrong look, and one wrong directive can lead to a literal explosion. With so much on their minds as they navigate hormones, social groupings, social media, and academics. How can parents find the space to sit them down and share the Word of God?

As a parent of two teenage daughters, many times I felt stumped. I couldn’t even get my words to move them, let alone God’s. But I knew His Word was exactly what they needed. What He says about them is much more valuable than anything I could offer, and that is how FIGS was birthed. FIGS in BLOOM is a Bible study guide centered around a social group approach to learning God’s Word in a non-threatening way. It is centered on a socialization approach that invites kids into a community grounded in food, fun, and fellowship.

FIGS served as a template to pull my teenage girls close while so many things sought to pull them apart. Hosting meetings in my home surrounded by my teenage girl and her friends allowed deep seeds to be planted in me and them. I learned, they learned. I laughed, and they laughed. I prayed, and they prayed. And I am certain that in the end, God got all the Glory!

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