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Love Her Well by Kari Kampakis

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Love Her Well
Title: Love Her Well
Author: Kari Kampakis
Publisher: Thomas Nelson 
Release Date: August 18, 2020
Genre: Christian Living/Parenting

Moms are eager for tips and wisdom to help them build strong relationships with their daughters, and Kari Kampakis’s Love Her Well gives them ten practical ways to do so, not by changing their daughters but by changing their own thoughts, actions, and mind - set.

For many women, having a baby girl is a dream come true. Yet as girls grow up, the narrative of innocence and joy changes to gloom and doom as moms are told, “Just wait until she’s a teenager!” and handed a disheartening script that treats a teenage girl’s final years at home as solely a season to survive.

Author and blogger Kari Kampakis suggests it’s time to change the narrative and mind - set that lead moms to parent teen girls with a spirit of defeat, not strength. By impr oving the foundation, habits, and dynamics of the relationship, mothers can connect with their teen daughters and earn a voice in their lives that allows moms to offer guidance, love, wisdom, and emotional support.

As a mom of four daughters ( three of whom are teenagers), Kari has learned the hard way that as girls grow up, mothers must grow up too. In Love Her Well, Kari shares ten ways that moms can better connect with their daughters in a challenging season, including:

  • choosing their words and timing carefully,
  • listening and empathizing with her teen’s world,
  • seeing the good and loving her for who she is,
  • taking care of themselves and having a support system, and more.

  • This book isn’t a guide to help mothers “fix” their daughters or make them behave. Rather, it’s about a mom’s journey, doing the heart work and legwork necessary to love a teenager while still being a strong, steady parent. Kari explores how every relationship consists of two imperfect sinners, and teenagers gain more respect for their parents when they admit (and learn from) their mistakes, apologize, listen, give grace, and try to understand their teens’ point of view. Yes, teenagers need rules and consequences , but without a connected relationship, parents may never gain a significant voice in their lives or be a safe place they long to return to.

    By admitting her personal failures and prideful mistakes that have hurt her relationships with her teenage daughters, Kari gives mothers hope and reminds them all things are possible through God. By leaning on him, mothers gain the wisdom, guidance, protection, and clarity they need to grow strong relationships with their daughters at every age, especially during the critical teen years.

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    AUTHOR Q & A

    1. Which area of parenting a teenage girl is the most challenging for you? Staying patient
    and choosing my words wisely. By nature I tend to be direct, and I like to say things
    before I forget, but I have learned that both my timing and my approach can influence
    whether they take my words to heart.

    2. Which area is the most rewarding for you? The relationship, the laughter, and the deep
    conversations you can have because our daughters are real people with their own unique
    thoughts, dreams, emotions, and way of looking at life. I

    4. Do you have a daily Bible/prayer routine to prepare yourself for parenting each day? I
    like to have quiet time and read the Bible in the morning before everyone wakes up, but
    some days that doesn’t happen. Some days I get my reading and reflection/prayer time in
    before I go to bed at night.

    5. How can the church support parents and daughters to foster a healthy relationship? The
    best thing the church can do for parents is 1) help them embrace God’s love for them
    (which they can rest in when they don’t feel loved by their family) and 2) talk about
    God’s mercy, power, and healing grace. As parents, we tend to think our failures or
    mistakes have ruined any chance of reconciliation or working things out after an
    argument, and that’s not true. The whole message of the gospels is about Jesus saving us
    as sinners and redeeming what is dead or broken, and no matter what challenges a family
    faces, this brings tremendous hope.

    6. What is the main takeaway you hope readers will glean from your book? I hope they will
    feel encouraged to love their daughters like God loves us - unconditionally and regardless
    of whether that love is reciprocated, because some days it won’t be. But that is the beauty
    of a mother’s love, and having just lost my own mother this past February, I can say that
    her enormous heart for me and the way she lit up when she saw me is what I now
    appreciate and miss the most.



    Kari Kampakis

    Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis is an author, blogger, and national speaker from Birmingham, Alabama. Her books for teen girls, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know and Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?, have been used widely across the country by teen youth groups and church groups to empower girls through faith.

    Kari’s work has been featured on the TODAY Show, TODAY Parents,Yahoo! News, EWTN, Proverbs 31, Ann Voskamp’s blog, The Huffington Post, and other national outlets. She and her husb and, Harry, have four daughters and a dog named Lola. Learn more by visiting www.karikampakis.com or finding Kari on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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