Monday, May 16, 2016

Ultimate Food Fight FB Party!

Food Fight Party Link

Come meet Rachel Good, Amish Fiction Author, and Patrice Lyle, Mystery Christian Fiction author and bring your favorite recipes. Join either team whoopie pie (Rachel) or Team Gluten Free Beery Cobbler (Patrice) depending on your personal preference. One author will end up with a pie in the face. Don't miss it starting tomorrow 5 pm CST! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celebrate Lit Summer Author Bash Day 2!!!

Our Celebrate Lit Summer Author Bash starts up again in just 15 minutes.  Look at all the wonderful authors joining us today! Plus there is a huge grand prize! Come join us!

May 10:
11am - Roseanna White
12pm - Kari Trumbo
1pm - Mimi Milan
2pm - Kristen Ethridge
3pm - Amber Schamel
4pm - Liwen Y. Ho
5pm - Molly Jebber
6pm - Melissa Wardwell
7pm - Carol Keen
8pm - Sydney Bets

Click here: Party link

Monday, May 9, 2016

Join my FB Group!

If Facebook is more your style, I will be posting links to all reviews and giveaways on my FB page also titled "A Reader's Brain." Enjoy!

Link: A Reader's Brain FB Group

Don't Miss: Summer Author Bash FB Party!

The Celebrate Lit Summer Author Bash fun begins in less than 30 minutes!  Look at tall the wonderful authors who will be partying today.  Don't miss out of on the fun, fellowships and great prizes. The grand prize is a KINDLE FIRE plus 20 other items including books, earrings and gift cards. Be sure to join us! 

May 9th (All times are EST)
11am Carrie Fancett Pagels
12pm: A.M.Heath
1pm: Elaine Manders
2pm: Carole Brown
3pm: Rachel Skatvold - Author
4pm: Caryl McAdoo
5pm: Danele Rotharmel
6pm: Terri Wangard
7pm: Linda Shenton Matchett
8pm: Joanie Bruce
9pm: Rachel J. Good

Summer Author Bash Link : Click on the link here!! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Amish Fiction

I have enjoyed Amish fiction for over 10 years now. While Christian fiction is my favorite genre and I enjoy all types including authors like Francine Rivers and Ted Dekker, Amish fiction is what really grabs my attention and gives me a lot of enjoyment. I not only enjoy reading the fiction but learning about the Amish themselves. I love how many of the authors show how the Amish character is finding salvation in the Lord. I love to see the dedication to family and values that the Amish have. I think we all hope to a point that our world was that simple and loving within our families and communities. I love to read Amish fiction as it shows contemporary issues for a group of people who live in tradition and simplicity and the conflict that this creates in the stories. I will be posting regarding books that I have read and how much enjoyment you can get out of them too! So watch out! The horse and buggy is on its way!