Thursday, May 5, 2016

Amish Fiction

I have enjoyed Amish fiction for over 10 years now. While Christian fiction is my favorite genre and I enjoy all types including authors like Francine Rivers and Ted Dekker, Amish fiction is what really grabs my attention and gives me a lot of enjoyment. I not only enjoy reading the fiction but learning about the Amish themselves. I love how many of the authors show how the Amish character is finding salvation in the Lord. I love to see the dedication to family and values that the Amish have. I think we all hope to a point that our world was that simple and loving within our families and communities. I love to read Amish fiction as it shows contemporary issues for a group of people who live in tradition and simplicity and the conflict that this creates in the stories. I will be posting regarding books that I have read and how much enjoyment you can get out of them too! So watch out! The horse and buggy is on its way!

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