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A Ruby Glows by Kari Trumbo

About the Author

Kari Trumbo is an inspirational romance author, blogger and proud home schooling mother to four great kids. She interacts often on reader groups on Facebook and volunteers at the local library when needed. When she isn’t writing, she is obsessively reading and expanding her skills as a wordsmith. Kari lives in her great-grandfather’s remodeled 1890-built home in central Minnesota with her husband, children, cats, and one hungry wood stove.

About the Book

Book: A Ruby Glows  
Author: Kari Trumbo  
Genre: Historical Christian Romance
Release Date: Jan 3, 2017  

Ruby’s heart froze as she threw her dead husband over the cliff.When Beau walks into her life, one glance has her running from her past. He couldn’t want someone like her. It should be easy to avoid his quiet charm.If he can convince her she’s a prize, not prey, he might have a chance. Beau’s captivated when Ruby scrambles from him whenever he gets too close. Her sweetness is
an allure he can’t fight. Can Beau convince Ruby she is beloved?

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My Review

Oh sweet Ruby- how my heart felt for you. Your abusive past that you're running from and scarred by. Your fear of ever giving yourself a chance to thrive or others to come close. To me, Ruby was alive and breathing- I understood her pain though I have never experienced anything like it. I felt her moments of happiness, fear, grief, and so on. What a sweet, charming read! The development of the relationship between Ruby and Beau gives us a picture of patient and true, persevering love. I loved the ashes to beauty picture painted in this book. The depth of emotions I felt were special as well. I really felt to be part of the story and truly understood the characters and why they did what they did. A truly redemptive, charming read!

I received this book for free. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 


 Guest post from Kari Trumbo

Greetings! I hope this isn’t your first introduction to Cutter’s Creek, but if it is, let me explain a bit about it. Cutter’s Creek is a series written by myself and three other Christian authors. Though there are numbers on each book, you don’t have to read them in order to get into the series, in fact, since each author writes in their own time period it might be somewhat confusing. Especially if you like a consecutive story. However, they are all stand-alone books and can be read in any order. If you like to read them in date order, you’ll want to read Kit Morgan’s books first, then Vivi Holt, Annie Boone, and finally mine, that will put them roughly in time order.

The Cutter’s Creek series has been a huge blessing to me. I’ve gotten to write with some wonderful authors and learned so much about writing a series together. So, out of my Cutter’s Creek books, why did I choose Ruby over Lily, Ivy, or Carol…well, I hate to play favorites, but Ruby is my favorite. She’s quiet, and her strength is surprising. She has a big trial, and some hurt to work through, but when you find the right person to help you through it, that’s a gift more precious than anything.

 I hope you love Ruby as much as I do. Blessings, Kari

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