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Renewed by Leigh Powers

About the Book

Book Title: Renewed  
Author: Leigh Powers  
Genre: Devotional  
Release date: November, 2017

Ministry is a privilege, but it can also be a painful experience. Unrealistic expectations, church conflict, forced resignations, and our own struggles with burnout, loneliness, and insecurity can make church feel more like a place of wounding than a place of healing. How can wounded leaders find the courage to reject bitterness and keep loving the church? Renewed is a forty-day devotional for women in ministry, ministry wives, and lay leaders who have been wounded by their congregations. You are not alone. God sees your pain. He knows your hurts. And he is waiting to bind up your broken heart. This forty-day journey into the healing love of Jesus will help you find the courage to stop hiding and start loving the church again.

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My Review

To all my sisters in ministry roles of any type (pastor's wives, women's ministry directors, children's directors, etc.): if you are tired, burned out, or just dealing with a lot of emotion that is not Christ-like toward the church members you serve, you NEED to read and meditate on the Word with our author in this devotional. This book was set up in a raw, core of the issue way dealing with acknowledging your pain, asking God to help you navigate it, and finding your love for the church again regardless of circumstances. You will have to forgive a lot of people that never ask for forgiveness, keep silent when you would rather scream and shout, do your best for some people who will never see that as enough. Ministry is a privilege, an honor, and a calling & those of you in ministry know that, but you have also been hurt- that's what happens whenever people are involved. Bitterness, fear, indiferrence, depression, anger, and so many things can set in that alienate us from God & from fellowship with believers, and that is exactly where satan wants us- isolated away from God & our brethren because we are ineffective & we just continue to fall into the pit of sin we are already in. 
I would never excuse people's actions towards those in ministry who mistreat & only look for fault. However, as we submit to the Lord, we look to Jesus as our example who returned only blessing for cursing knowing this glorified the Father.

In conclusion, please check out this devotional! Each day is very down to earth & relatable, and each one contains Scripture & questions for further contemplation. It takes us through a cycle of how to take our hurt & fear to the Lord & allow Him to work in us and through us in the midst of it. It reminds us that the calling is of the Lord, and we are living for the audience of the One, Jesus Christ. It reminds us who we are in Christ, and that He is our Living Hope! Blessings to you sweet sisters, and thank you for being faithful to the One who called you! Let the Word of Christ & the wisdom of a fellow sister in ministry (the author), guide you through healing to obtain renewal in Christ!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are my own. 

**Side note to pastors & pastor's wives: My husband & I were able to be blessed by a wonderful ministry known as Shepherd's Haven of Rest or SHOR. They provide cost free retreats for those who are called to ministry in a pastoral role & maybe are in between churches, or in a current role that need renewal specifically. The leaders are the most genuine people I know serving in that role themselves for several years. Here is their website if you would like to check out more!

About the Author

Leigh Powers is passionate about helping women find hope and healing in God’s Word. A pastor’s wife and mother of three with fifteen years of full-time ministry experience, she is a freelance writer, Bible study and devotional author, and a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She blogs regularly at You can usually find her with either a book or knitting needles in her hand—and sometimes both.

Guest Post from Leigh

I love ministry life. Several years ago, a young woman from Southeast Asia came to my English as a Second Language class for a year. Her English wasn’t very good, and I had to tug to get a word out of her. She came every week, but I wondered how much she was getting from the Bible stories we did during each class. At the end of the semester, I asked our class to share what they wanted to tell their friends and family when they went home. She looked up at me with big brown eyes. “I want to tell people about Jesus.” Those are the ministry moments that thrill us. It is a privilege to help people find freedom in Christ, teach God’s word, worship with the congregation, and walk alongside people in their moments of joy or sorrow. On those days I can’t imagine choosing another life.

Then there are days that make me want to hang it all up and go work at Wal-Mart. Days when anonymous letters get slipped under the office door. Days when you’re the brunt of gossip, when loneliness is like an ache in your bones, or when you start sending out resumes for new positions because you aren’t sure how much longer you’ll have the one you’ve got. Ministry can be tough. Over the years I’ve met many women who have experienced the painful side of ministry. Church conflicts, forced resignations, depression, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy, and our own struggles with faith can take a toll. That painful side of ministry can make us start looking for an escape hatch.

 I wrote Renewed in the middle of a difficult ministry season. It was a hard season, but it was also a season where Jesus showed up for me in an almost tangible way. At the same time, I was also hearing stories from other ministry wives and women in ministry that sounded all too familiar. I started putting words on the page, hoping that somehow God would use them to bring healing to other women in the same way he had brought healing to me. That outpouring of hurt, healing, and hope eventually became Renewed. Some of you reading this are nodding along right now because you’ve been there too. You love the church, but you’ve seen how ugly it can be when we get it wrong. You’ve got wounds of your own, and sometimes you wonder if you can ever risk your heart again. If that’s you, I want you to know that there is hope. God has not abandoned you. God sees your hurt, he knows your pain, and he is waiting to bind up your broken spirit. He’s waiting. Turn to him, and may you find your spirit renewed.

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