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Uninvited by Beckie Lindsey

About the Book

Book: Uninvited  
Author: Beckie Lindsey  
Genre: YA  
Release Date: 9/16/2018  

Every girl has a secret she hopes the light will never find— but the demons already have. Battles between unseen forces of good and evil have made unlikely friends out of high school juniors Krystal, Mackenzie, Tammi, and Sadie, who share similar secrets from their traumatic pasts. As Krystal’s lifelong friendship with Bryce grows into something more, her new friendship with Mackenzie is tested. While Tammi and Sadie heal from their injuries caused by a horrific accident, their deeper wounds fester as tension grown between them. When a handsome nurse and a sultry singer join the group, things become even more tangled. Will the relationships survive the epic spiritual battles raging around them? Or will the demons keep them chained to their secrets?

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My Review

I found Uninvited to be very YA appropriate and felt like it gave a really good look into the contemporary teen's life and how spiritual warfare is so, so real and active. It took me back to thinking about my teen years and the dreaded peer pressure. I found the plot very engaging, the description of the spiritual warfare very clearly described, and the characters very relatable to everyday life. We get to enter a group of teen friends, and the different demons they deal with which was very realistic and did not sugar coat reality. There is a trigger warning at the beginning of the book because of the different real scenarios our characters find themselves in so that's something to keep in mind. I feel like the YA reader would find a realistic and thoroughly engaging fiction within Uninvited

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

Beckie Lindsey is an award-winning author, poet, blogger, and the editor of Southern California Christian Voice, a division of One Christian Voice, a national news syndicating agency. She is a major coffeeholic and enjoys a good book with a cat on her lap. She also loves to hike and hang out with family and friends. Beckie and her husband, Scott have three adult children, two adorable cats and live in California.  

Guest Post from Beckie

Why I write YA and the BFA series

  I believe a teenager still exists inside each of us.   We hear a familiar tune from our “glory days” and are instantly tapping our toes. Mentally, we’re back in high school —poofy bangs, scrunchie, neon off-the-shoulder sweatshirt — and all. Oh, wait. That’s me back in the ‘80s!

  Ah, yes. There is something wonderfully awful about those coming-of-age years.   From the first kiss to the first breakup, there are memories we cherish and some we don’t care to ever revisit. Being a teen can be exciting, confusing, painful, joyous, or even all of those things at once!   No matter how different your teenage experience was from mine, one thing is true for us all: these years have an enormous impact on who we become as adults. We can all sympathize with the plight of puberty and the longing for independence and acceptance. Yeah, there’s still a teenager in all of us!

  These are the reasons I write YA.   My hope is to use the power of storytelling to move past barriers and open hearts to accept how much God loves and desires a personal relationship with us.

  At every age, we all need the grace and love of Jesus.   In the Beauties from Ashes (BFA) series, I write about relatable characters with difficult issues and traumatic pasts to enlighten readers about the unseen spiritual battle referred to in Scripture. Each character has a secret that has left them vulnerable to the battle in an invisible realm where demonic creatures fight to keep them chained to their pasts and angels of light work to free them.   The characters and their issues are complex, just like real life. In fact, some of the topics are often considered too taboo to talk about openly. But what is left in the dark, festers and grows. It is only in the light that we can be free. In the BFA series, readers experience the character’s quest for truth, love, grace, and freedom while hopefully finding the same for themselves.  

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