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Considering Others by Jungu Olobia

About the Book

Book: Considering Others
Author: Jungu Olobia
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Growth
Release Date: March 4, 2019  

Good manners and etiquette begin in the home, or wherever a child is taught or mentored. From an early age, children learn how to behave, and as they grow, how to interact in their relationships at school, church, and in their communities. Though etiquette varies between cultures, practicing good manners is a kindness that extends across cultures, because the way we treat one another matters. 

We want to raise and train our children in safe, healthy environments, but the daily encounters of a fallen world make it challenging. Much has been written on good etiquette, but this practical, captivating book points readers to Jesus Christ as the Lord and the Holy Spirit as the Teacher of good manners, clearly illustrating that the Bible is the Life Manual for good behavior that comes from God’s heart. 

From biblical examples to personal examples, reflection verses and practical steps, and prayers and Scriptures to pray over children, Considering Others: Good Manners to Glorify God will help parents, teachers, and mentors shape and develop godly character and good manners in children so they may lead healthy, successful adult lives in their sphere of influence around the world. And there’s plenty of takeaways for adults too! 

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My Review

So I'm just going to dive right in here to my thoughts. Manners seem almost a thing of the past many times now a days, and that really is a shame. For an etiquette resource, this book was really helpful and included international etiquette, phone etiquette, social dinner etiquette, and more. The book was very practical in that way. The book also pointed to Biblical examples of etiquette and how having manners made a life-changing difference in the life of many such as Abigail, Abraham, and even our Lord. The author goes into the heart of where good manners flow from which is a relationship with the Lord that is active and growing while realizing we are imperfect and must depend on the Lord to help us develop these traits. With all that said, there were a few things I felt it lacked. The first was looking at special circumstances like families with special needs, children with past trauma, etc. While these children are certainly capable of learning good habits, a lot of grace and compassion has to come into a lot of these situations because there are just more challenges there. Also, I felt like the book got too much into the comparison game. When I was reading the book, I felt inferior to the author and her parenting skills, and I don't feel that gives us the reassurance that we all need the Lord to help us be the examples we need to be for our kids. I feel like too we have to be careful with considering a child's emotions when they don't seem to want to comply- it may be they are hurting in some way that they can't verbalize as kids when all we see is bad manners, and so I feel while discipline is certainly key, we need to keep our kids talking too. Overall, if you're looking for a good general resource for teaching manners, and even good etiquette for yourself, I could recommend this book. I just felt there were some drawbacks that needed to be addressed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

Jungu Olobia is a wife and mother, with two degrees in business and informational technology. A Sunday school teacher for over sixteen years, she teaches children ages three to twelve. She enjoys volunteering in her children’s school and in her community. She and her pediatrician husband live with their two sons in Keller, Texas.  

More from Jungu

As parents and guardians, we want to raise and train our children in safe, healthy environments, but the daily encounters of a fallen world make it very challenging. Much has been written on good etiquette, but how many books point to Jesus Christ as the Lord and the Holy Spirit as the Teacher of good manners? After almost two decades serving and teaching as a Sunday school teacher, about a decade working in an IT position at a College, and with much encouragement from my beloved pastors and family, I wrote Considering Others: Good Manners to Glorify God.  Thank you so much for joining me today! It has been such a privilege and honor to be with you. We all love and care for our children very much, so thank you for allowing me to talk about my book, Considering Others: Good Manners to Glorify God. Writing my first book has been a walk of faith that has been both painful and joyous as I found out a lot more about my family history and how much I needed to pray!  Thank God, however, for His love and gift of His son, our Lord Jesus.
 Here is a question for us: What legacy do we want to leave our children?  Proverbs 13:22 tells us that good people leave an inheritance to their descendants. That scripture speaks to more than a financial or natural inheritance. It also speaks to passing on virtues that build character.

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