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Call to Embrace by Maryann Landers



About the Book


Book: Call to Embrace

Author: Maryann Landers

Genre: Christian Women’s Fiction

Release Date: November 1, 2023

She’s detached in a stormy marriage because of both of their unfaithfulness. Now she faces the aftermath of her compromise with an unwanted pregnancy. Will fleeing bring her the freedom she yearns for?

Emily Corentin wants to escape the jagged edges of her brokenness. She believes the only option she has is to take her young daughter, leave her husband, and end the unintended pregnancy with an abortion. But her plans take an unexpected turn when the homeless shelter she finds is not the type of help she wanted. She’d buried religion years ago with the death of her Gran. Any God-fearing place will only confirm how much God abandoned her.

An offer from a shelter volunteer may be the lifeline she and her daughter need, but Emily only sees it as a means to an end. The unlikely friendship that follows, draws her closer to the answers she may have carried with her all along. But rash decisions bring new challenges that drag her further into a sea of helplessness.

When all hope is lost in despair will she be washed away by the patterns of her past? Or will she answer the call to embrace the mercy of the cross and in turn bring reconciliation to her marriage?


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Author Interview

1. Why did you want to become an author?  I wanted to share the extraordinary stories of the women I know here in Alaska 

2. What step of writing this book was the most challenging and why? Reworking the plot line and setting because I was protecting the identity of who the book is based on. However, my friend did support me sharing her story. 

3. What/Who inspired you to write on the main themes found in the book? It is inspired by a true story of a young woman whose path I crossed during a very difficult time of her life. 

4. Which character in your book do you relate to the most? Ada

5. If you could meet your characters in real life, what would you talk about? I do know them. If we could sit around a table though now after the twelve years have passed I think we would cry a lot of tears of joy. 

6. What did your research process look like for this book? I mainly researched the area that I set the book in. The summer before I wrote the book I was visiting South Central Alaska and it intrigued me.

7. What made you choose the setting/time period for this book? The time period follows the true story and then I chose South Central Alaska because of the key features in the story with the ocean and the church with the lit cross. 

8. Did you have to step out of your comfort zone to write this book? If so, how? Yes, I did simply because of the overarching theme of the book. I realize it will not be go to” for many because they will make assumptions about it without opening the cover. 

9. How did you celebrate when you completed your book? It looks different with each book. Its ranged from nothing all the way to a trip to Wrangell where one of my books was set and I spent a few days there with interviews, author signing and hosting a ladies luncheon.

10. Do you have a favorite drink or snack for when youre writing? Coffee

11. What message do you hope readers take away from your book? That there is hope no matter what circumstance you find yourself in and God is with you. 


About the Author

Alaskan based author Maryann Landers writes women’s faith filled fiction based on true stories of extraordinary women of her magnificent state. She loves to showcase the unique north and give her readers a little taste of rustic Alaska.

While writing in her log home in the woods she is also looking forward to her next adventure with her Alaskan husband, juggling mom tasks such as crafting homemade meals from moose and caribou meat, building DIY projects from scrap wood piles and guiding her teens in their homeschooling.

Her first novel in the Alaskan Women of Caliber Series; Alaskan Calibration released June 2021.


More from Maryann

Call to Embrace is inspired by a true story of a young mom that I met over 13 years ago as I walked alongside her during a difficult time of her life. A year and a half ago I stood in the Pacific Ocean dip netting for salmon near the mouth of the Kenai River. As the waters tugged at my waders, I remembered the church set on the hill behind me where a cross is always lit as a beacon and I thought there is a story here. With anticipation, I prayed what God wanted me to share. What unfolded is the plot line of my friendship with that young mom set in the stunning geographical area of South-Central Alaska.

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