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Mojave Rock by JW Gilbert



About the Book


Book: Mojave Rock

Author: JW Gilbert

Genre: Christian Fiction – Action/Adventure

Release Date: March, 2024

Arcon forsook his new life of adventure in the outside world to fulfill his destiny with ArcPoint. But the return to his forest home is short-lived—he and Ranger Dan have been called to Jerusalem to meet Central Authority and discover the fate of ArcPoint. A new adventure begins, starting with a round-the-world trip by tube train—something Arcon never thought possible. With its expanded cast of extraordinary characters and a fresh romance, Mojave Rock is the conclusion to the ArcPoint trilogy about reconciliation and truth replacing fear and suspicion.


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 I received a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions given are my own and not an endorsement of all author’s opinions. 

Author Interview

1. Why did you want to become an author? Three reasons: 1) I had a lot of stories in my head and got tired of telling them to one person at a time.  2) I’d been working in the same trade for forty years and wanted to change occupations.  3) I needed a hobby where I could sit.


2. What/Who inspired you to write on the main themes found in the book? If I told you Ted Turner, you’d misunderstand. But with CNN, he gave us access to worldwide news 24/7. With that, I could witness end time prophecies coming to pass, which caused me to study the Bible, which is where I discovered the 1,000+ verses I base the ArcPoint book series on. I had to change my thinking numerous times as scripture pointed out flaws in it, which inspired me to rewrite and/or edit the books several times. 


3. What did your research process look like for this book?Cluttered. Right now, I have fifteen files open on my computer. I have files within folders within folders within folders. Books and papers are three inches deep on my desk. I wanted this book series to be as realistic as possible, so I did a lot of research. But I never consulted Bible commentaries. The internet is where I could find out what’s wrong with this world—the Bible is where I found how it will change. This book series allowed me to show how I think it might happen.


4. What made you choose the setting/time period for this book? Revelation 20. It spoke of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, ruling earth for a thousand years. Watching news of lawlessness, sexual perversion, wars, and slaughter—my heart longed for peace. The Bible says God’s plan is to come back to earth and make it happen. This book series is set during that time when it is. 


5. What message do you hope readers take away from your book? World peace is coming. Right now evil spirits influence our lives, but they’re going away. Selfish people rule our governments and institutions, but they’re about to lose that control. God is preparing people to take on the responsibility of repairing the damage we currently foist on earth and its citizens. But don’t worry, the ArcPoint series doesn’t have a heavy religious theme. The characters are living the life—they don’t need to discuss it. 



About the Author

John Gilbert Wozniak (JW Gilbert) grew up in an Oregon farm town. He retired in 2016 as an international data center cooling expert. Around the turn of the century, he began writing as a hobby. After years of expert guidance and a lot of editing, his ArcPoint trilogy is complete. His intent is to write books that are enjoyed by all ages—biblically accurate—with a touch of adventure, romance, and humor. JW has been married to his best friend Darlene since 1980. They are both retired and enjoy the hobby of creating lapidary jewelry. He is a member of Oregon Christian Writers, Mensa, ALLi, and the Tualatin Valley Gem Club.



More from JW

The ArcPoint trilogy finally reaches its conclusion with Mojave Rock. I ramp up the humor and romance a little, just to make it interesting. A few of the minor characters play a larger role. We get to see how Arcon travels around the world without floating on water or flying through the air. And we get a glimpse of what this world is like with the Prince of Peace ruling the planet.

I also move more toward science fiction with Mojave Rock. I wanted to show how mankind cleaned up our planet, after the tribulation era gave us wars, earthquakes, famines, and other forms of death and destruction. When lawlessness made all of us want to hide as ArcPoint did. As technology helped us, there were always people who used it to harm us.

It was fun to contemplate how accident-free high-speed travel could be accomplished. How could we use it to feed the world? In fact, what would world travel be like without war zones, national borders, corrupt government officials, currency exchange, pickpockets, and terrorists? Can you imagine retail stores without shoplifters? Email without spam? Facial recognition without invasion of privacy? No frauds, scammers, or identity thieves? All of that may sound like heaven, but it’s not. That’s another time and place.

So, how will ArcPoint react to connecting with the outside world again? They were already free of the things listed above. World peace didn’t concern them, since inner peace was a common commodity. Will they leave their oasis in the former desert? Will their community be overrun with strangers? Will Arcon and Elaina marry? It’s worth reading Mojave Rock to find out.

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