Friday, June 28, 2019

Benaiah Mighty Man of God by P.H. Thompson

About the Book

What happens when the king's most obedient soldier is issued a wicked command?

Benaiah is valiant against men and beasts. He is known for three heroic deeds that lead to his appointment in the elite force of David's Mighty Men: aggressively going down into a pit on a snowy day to kill a lion; fighting two Moabite ariels; and challenging a giant Egyptian, armed with only a staff, and killing him with the man's own spear. When David is crowned king, Benaiah is made his chief bodyguard and eventually head of the whole army of Israel under King Solomon.

Reeling from the tragic cost of disobedience when he was young, Benaiah directs his life toward one chief aim: to be found a faithful, loyal, valiant and obedient soldier, servant of the King and follower of Yahweh.

But when "just following orders" leads to his part in adultery, murder and death, he questions his life's direction. If both obedience and disobedience cause death, how can he ever find redemption?

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My Review

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I was excited to read this debut book from a new to me author! Our author takes a sub-character from the story of Israel's greatest kings, David in particular, and gives us a story of his life filled with the Biblical account of his life along with some artistic license to fill in what we don't know. Inside we find a lot of Biblical truth, adventure, and emotion. I found it nice that the author gave us what exactly we did and didn't know about this warrior at the end of the book. Also, our author was able to convey the culture and customs of the time in a very educative way, and there was so much Biblical wisdom uncovered through Biblical accounts we know but from a different standpoint than we had ever considered. The author also includes a study guide to help us apply truths for the contemporary reader. I feel like any Christian fiction reader or even your non-fiction reader will enjoy this book filled with true Biblical accounts and artfully done plots to fill in the unknowns. I look forward to more from this author!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, and all opinions given are entirely my own. 

About the Author

P. H. Thompson is a former oncology nurse, turned writer. When not writing, she leads women's Bible studies, speaks at women's conferences, spoils her active grandchildren and takes long naps to recover. She and her husband live near Toronto and have two adult daughters. She is a member of The Word Guild, Canada, ACFW, the American Christian Fiction Writers and ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors. You can find out about upcoming projects at her website,, her Facebook page, P.H. Thompson, Author, or her blog, 
Benaiah: Mighty Man of God is her first novel.

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